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Welcome 2019

Be the Best you, you can be by enhancing your experience with crystals from The Crystal Path. Our web site is up and ready to help you live…. YOUR BEST possible you. invites you to be truly happy by:

* Wishing good wishes for yourself, asking what it is you would truly like to obtain. This is the power of thought.

* Dream and meditate about all the obtainable possibilities that are possible for you. This is the power of hope.

* Dance for joy on the inside for who you really are. Know this person on the inside of you. Light the inner light of self-appreciation. This is the power of acceptance.

*Smile to strengthen your spirit with positive energy and think positive thought to brighten your smile. This is the power of empowerment.

*Love is kindness to yourself and others, love can create harmony with yourself and others. This is the power of Peace.

Welcome 2019

for the best the World can be starting with me

Happy New to All

Teanne & April

The Crystal Path

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