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How is it March already?

That is a mystery, which makes this month the perfect time for the Stone and Sage Gift Box Sets to be a Mystery for you. We created this month’s box set with a combination of all the tools and metaphysical utensils the Crystal Path has to offer.

How does the universe know exactly what we need? Why do we block ourselves from receiving? How is it possible that we are able to utilize crystals, sage, and our minds to help with creating a harmonious lifestyle? Everywhere and for everyone. There are trillions of unanswered questions about life, existence, death and the hereafter. Mysteriously the only control we have is now in the present.

Do you need to work on your Aura, or do you need to balance your Chakras? Do you need more protection or more peace, more love, more abundance? Better sleep? Order your Mystery Set today and find what you may need in a Stone and Sage Subscription and get a free sample of our Just Rocks Subscription if you order by 3-5-22.

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