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Violet Is The Color Of Purpose

Amethyst crystals are known to help:

bring calm and balance

remove obstacles

enhance imagination and inspiration

gives spiritual and divine protection

when meditating use to help connect you with your higher self

improve psychic awareness

No wonder these amethyst lasers “showed up” to be included in the Stone and Sage Granted Intentions set. Put this set to work for you and see where your dreams take you. For example, I have an abundance grid, one of the intentions is for the abundance of money and I made another grid for humanity, we need all the help the universe can give us. What will you make a crystal grid for?

Give the gift of intentions. Delivered & wrapped for $16. You can send a personal message and word the intention yourself if you would like too. We use USPS for shipping so order by 12-17 to get it there in time for Christmas.

With the Best of Intentions

Teanne and April

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