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Thank You!

The Crystal Path LLC would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has bought our product allowing us to celebrate our second year of The Crystal Path LLC. We decided in 2018, that if our business profits we would give a percentage of our proceeds to a charity.

In 2019 we found HOPE, they help victims of human trafficking learn to adjust to life after they have been found.

2020’s donation is double last year! We decided on Turning Point. Their mission is to provide programs and resources that enable victims and survivors of domestic violence to regain control of their lives.

By choosing to make a difference in our personal lives we can raise the energetic vibrations for individuals, communities, and the planet. We are firm believers in the power of crystals, smudging/sprays, centering yourself, and meditation. The purpose of the Crystal Path is to give you more than crystals, we want to help you learn how to utilize them to enhance your daily life.

Crystal Path’s Stone and Sage gift box set for November is The Gratitude Set. Increase your thankfulness using the tools of Palo Santo, crystals, and meditation.

Order the Gratitude Set this month, save 15% and a Stone and Sage gift box set will be sent to a woman at the Turning Point.

Thanks again,

Teanne and April

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