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Use the white sage stick first to clean negative energies from yourself, your house or any space. After you have smudged with the white sage use the Palo Santo stick to bring in positive energies.

To smudge light a candle and say a prayer or focus your energy on clearing the negative energies. Lightly put the stick in the flame of the candle until it begins to smolder.

Hold the stick over the shell to prevent burning or glowing remnants from falling on the floor or yourself. Wave the feather through the smoke to help waft smoke where you want it. Try to keep your focus on washing away the negative energies.

Move around the house or space in clockwise manner. Spend some extra time in the corners, closets and basement where energies tend to collect or settle.

When you have completed smudging, return to the where you started and extinguish the smoldering stick by gentle pressing in to a bowl of sand, salt or water.

Happy Spring Happy Cleaning/Clearing


#Smudge Spray

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