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Sage as a Staple

Garden Golden Sage

Sage has huge benefits for the body and the mind. I knew that you use sage as a spice and for smudging. But here is what I didn’t know:

Common sage is a perennial evergreen shrub and a member of the mint family. It grows to about two feet high and two feet wide. In late spring or early summer, sage plants produce flowers that range in color from lavender and white to pink and purple. Sage is a great addition to any garden because it controls pests and attracts pollinators.

Sage is an

· anti-inflammatory

· anti-microbial

· anti-bacterial

· an antioxidant

Sage can help with

· rheumatoid arthritis

· fibromyalgia

· bursitis

· asthma

· atherosclerosis

· fungal infections

· supports digestion

· balances Cholesterol

· obesity

· Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms

Sage uses

· burning

· sage-based household cleanser

· homemade sage bath salts

· sage essential oil for your skin

The benefits of sage involve various factors that can contribute to your sense of well-being and harmony. Add sage to your daily life and let this herb do it's work. Remember, as with all good things, too much is too much.

Peace Joy Love


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