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Meaning ~ purpose ~ aim ~ plan

Think about it. What would like to see happen in your life? Is it to find love? Gain more wealth? Do you need improved health? Intentions are the same as affirmations, they are powerful short statements that are meaningful to you and a desire of your heart. The intention is the first component of grid work and the last to be put into place. A few ideas for an intention are:

I live in peace, harmony, and love

I accept the abundance that is flowing into my life

I create positive energy that surrounds me

Intentions carry a beautiful kind of energy full of hopes and dreams of living a fulfilling and rewarding life. Crystal grids are a wonderful way to put active energy into an intention and help you achieve your goals.

The Stone and Sage Granted Intentions gift box set has everything you need to begin gridding, a 4-inch flower of life grid, 3- points, 2 crystals, and an amethyst laser. All for only $16 plus free shipping, just press the shop button below to begin receiving what you what to add to your life and make a crystal grid to get it.

When selecting your intention and creating your grid keep in mind:

· Universal law gives us free will, giving us the ability to make choices

· Trust your intuition

· Set your intentions that serve a greater good

· Have a positive mindset when putting your grid together

· Keeping the affirmation in your thoughts and repeating it often helps strengthen the energy of your grid

With the Best of Intentions

4 inch flower of life grid, 3 clear quartz crystal points, 5 crystals, white and peppermint sage, holiday mojo bag
Deluxe Granted Intentions Gift Box Set

Teanne and April

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