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Make Wise Choices

The sprays are a smokeless way to smudge, they all hand blended and created for a specific usefulness. *The water is infused with the essence of Palo Santo because it is known for its energetic healing and cleansing properties. Palo Santo’s fragrance has a pleasant uplifting scent that raises vibrations *The essential oils are charged with Reiki bringing out the essence of the oil’s specific function, which is implanted in each drop. Then blessed for the person or space the spray is intended for. *A crystal is added to amplify the properties of each spray. *Alcohol. Vodka. The Make Wise Choices Spray was created by my pendulum this time (I usually research the properties when selecting oils). It is a unique combination of essential oils blended to help aid in clearing blocks, so the wisest decisions are clear. The intention is about voting in this presidential election. Please make a change! The sprays are available in 1- or 2-ounce sizes. Shipping is Free. Types include Aura, Chakra, and Sage. Peace, Love & Good Decisions Teanne

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