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Introducing the Angelite Crystal


As with ALL the crystals in our product line when I write about them, I want to add them to my own collection, and Angelite is a crystal I and everyone can benefit from. Listed below are a few of Angelite’s properties, with each one I can’t help imagining what my life or the world would be like if just some of these qualities were more widespread on Earth.

Represent peace and brotherhood.

Promotes communication and self-expression.

Draws faith and tranquility.

Encourages forgiveness.

Enables contact with your angels and spirit guides.

Helps to connect with your higher self.

Provides spiritual inspiration.

Raises conscious awareness.

Heightens perception.

Good for the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

The Crystal Path offers many “tools” to help enhance everyday life. The Just Rocks Subscription is an excellent way to start or grow your crystal collection. Because I love our new Angelite, when you sign up for a subscription from this blog, I will start your collection with Angelite. You may also get Angelite crystals from our Facebook store and if you buy one or two or three…I will include a GIFT! BONUS and a WIN.

Angelite is certainly a crystal with super properties to offer, invite one or more of their qualities into your world and experience the difference crystals make. I am asking you to please like and share this blog with those who may need the healing benefits of Angelite.

Peace Joy Love


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