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I Am Safe and the Whole Universe Loves and Supports Me.


Mookaite is a member of the Jasper family, it varies in color from deep red to bright yellow with areas of white, tan, brown, mauve/pink and purple. The red energy of Mookaite stimulates the root chakra and brings a fearless self-confidence. Gold and scarlet shades of Mookaite stir the Sacral Chakra and reflects strength and vitality, physically and spiritually. Yellow Mookaite activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, adds clarity, zest, optimism, and meaning to life and relationships.

Mookaite crystals are a great complement to your crystal collection because they represent the element of earth, making it a physically stabilizing crystal, thought to boost the immune system and help counter the effects of aging.

Mookaite reminds us that we are the “captain of our own ships”. The powerful grounding and centering energy of Mookaite provide a calm and harmonious exuberance that guides us towards making choices that mirror our hopes, not our fears. One of the main healing properties of Mookaite is to sharpen intuition. (Which is the language of your soul or that wise inner voice that just knows).

Mookaite embraces the power of an ageless spirit, helping one to understand just how closely the mind and body work together. By raising the vibration of one’s thoughts and body, it can greatly reduce the process of physical aging while keeping one young in spirit.

Use this crystal to meditate, it may increase revelations or realizations. Mookaite is helpful in awakening one’s true spirituality. AND can help with clearing unhealthy patterns from one’s genetic code.

Clean your Mookaite crystal, then soak it in wine for a 12th century tonic for easing insomnia and nervous tension. Also, hold the stone close to receive a gut answer.

As usual I hope that you found this informative and I encourage you to subscribe to our Just Rocks monthly crystal plan on Create Joy. That is one way to obtain and use the energy of crystals and more. Please like this and share it. Thank you!

When you are guided by love, the sensible part of yourself that always knows the way

Teanne ~ Peace


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