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How the Crystal Path Came to Be

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Dear Everyone;

Just a blog to let you know a little bit more about the Crystal Path.

I am sure that it is because of my yoga and meditation practices that gifts from the “universe” showed up in my life. I have two businesses (crystals and reiki) and I have discovered power(s) in things like crystals, smudging, grids, reiki and who knows what’s next.

When the crystals first started coming to me, I’d buy them at the local crystal store, I figured out how to clean and charge them. Started to share them with my friend April, who conceived of the idea of selling cleaned, charged crystals to you via a monthly subscription package.

Voila, was born!

April and I have great hopes that you will choose to use the Crystal Path’s tools to discover peace and love in becoming who you are meant to be. We encourage you to join us in the power of:




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