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Holiday Peace Is Possible!

How can the holidays be coming again already? I am usually never ready and do a lot of stressful running around buying, wrapping and cooking right at the end and I am always amazed that I get it all done. Then I will tell myself “I am going to be ready ahead of time next year”. Yet I repeat the cycle year after year.

The Crystal Path has a limited addition Holiday Box to help relieve some of the stresses associated with the holidays. This box can be ordered on our face book page, Mycrystalpath. You will also find other excellent gift ideas for your family and friends.

The Stone and Sage Holiday Box contains:

The Holiday Joy Mojo Bag contains the spirit of Christmas with the use of herbs, oils and a crystal. They are hand made with peaceful and joyful intentions. Keep the bag close to you and feed it daily with your holiday intention.

Juniper Sage opens the eyes, awakens the spirit and dusts off negative thoughts that have settled within the mind. It opens your intuition to new spiritual planes with it’s gentle, uplifting cleansing energy. Juniper Sage helps keep negative influences away and lets the good spirits come in. Use Juniper Sage to lighten your space and give it a fresh pine-scent.

Holiday Bliss is a smudging spray. The ingredients combine and work together to give you what it is you may need to ensure a Happy Holiday Season. It contains, Frankincense that can help cleanse and protect, as well as raise your energetic vibrations. Cedar clears fears and fortifies your courage and resolve. Pine Needle is helpful for increasing mental clarity, combating depression, suppressing weight gain and lowering blood pressure. Angelica root aids digestion reduces stress and anxiety and detoxifies the body.

May happiness, peace and love be yours now and in the Holiday Season ahead.


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