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Crystal Path News. We Are Celebrating Our First Year In Business!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. And thank you for being a part of the Crystal Path, our proceeds being donated to Hope Against Trafficking, a Southeast Michigan mission for humanity is $150. A link to their website is on our home page ( if you would like to help this cause, please donate by 10-31-2019.

For year 2 our proceeds will be donated to bees and butterflies. The environment needs pollinators. The charity is yet to be determined, any suggestions? We are excited to see what this year brings to the Crystal Path for you.

When we started out it was with the idea of a crystal subscription box on the internet (which we still love) as our base idea. To help you find us we go out to craft shows, and for this we needed way more merchandise, over this past year we found many tools to help enhance a happier lifestyle.

The crystals we sell come with a card describing its properties and an affirmation relating to the crystals purpose.

Then we added:

A variety of sages

Smudge sprays – Sage, Chakra and Aura.

Sage and Stone Box Sets – subscription available

An assortment of wrapped crystals

Wonderful random finds like the Rainbow Aura bubble or the Selenite Hearts (just found some but these are bigger). Our newest find is a tumbled petrified wood.

We are looking forward to meeting you one day on the Crystal Path, November 2 we will be in Almont and November 9 we are coming to Plymouth. Plus we also offer crystal and sage workshops for you and your friends at your convenience, just let us know at Also, Hippie Yoga is now open on Saturdays from 12 till 4 p.m. with retail hours for the Crystal Path.

Peace Joy

The Crystal Path

Teanne and April

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Tumbled Petrified Wood

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