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Sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and something most of take for granted, until we do not get a good night sleep.  This set is designed with tools to help improve your sleep. 

Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray – 1 oz handmade with palo santa infused water and essential oils.  Spray on your pillow before bed.  The sweet aroma allows you drift off and helps induce the sweetest dreams.

Labradorite – Medium sized Labradorite crystal. Place by your bed.  The energies of Labradorite help clear away dark energies and enables a peaceful rest.  Stones may vary in size and color.  

Cucumber” Eye Pads – Not only feel rested but look rested.  Pads can be heated or cooled to reduce puffiness and relieve tension.

Sleep Stone and Sage Set

$16.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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