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Use Crystals to be the Very Best You, You Can Be.

Add a variety of crystals to your life. There are hundreds of them and they each have their own unique vibration or energy. This allows you to;

* Live a happier life

* Stay in a state of peace

* Find joy on your chosen path

* Raise your consciousness

* Open your chakras

When these qualities are present in your live everyday stresses are reduced, which will help you to develop spiritually so you can find your true purpose in life.

The first two crystals you receive in our subscriptions are the Clear Quartz and the Rose Quartz. Overall the quartz family of crystals vary in type and color, they are common, yet the healing properties of quartz are outstanding. Clear Quartz has amazing qualities such as: It is an amplifier of energy, it works well with intentions and it can help clear mind and leads toward positive views. Some unique of Rose Quartz are; it can attract more love into your life, it helps enables understanding and forgiveness with yourself and others and it can restore trust.

The crystals will connect to your own unique vibration. To start getting the most from your chosen crystals keep them with you. Place them in a pocket or wear so that they are touching you. This allows you to constantly utilize the grounding and protective energies they emit.

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I hope you enjoyed my very first blog. I would appreciate it if you would like and post this wherever you can. Also if you have crystal questions you would like answered contact me at;



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