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The Stronger Your Aura Is The More Protected And Powerful You Are!

One of the scientific names for an aura is “bio-plasma field”, it is an electromagnetic field, or energy body. A person’s thoughts, emotions, and health conditions radiate as energy into the bio-plasma field. Over time, this energy forms colors, patterns, and vibrations that are unique to each person.

Your aura is connected to the level of health you have in your body and mind. The more physical health you have, the more clarity of mind you have, and the strength of your spiritual energies all contribute to the size and color of your aura.

The purpose of the aura is to protect you from negative energies, thoughts, and feeling from other people, it also helps prevent leakage of your own energy. Auric tears may occur due to stress, trauma, depression or physical injuries to name a few. When this happens, you may be susceptible to invading outside energies.

* Everything has an aura.

* No two auras are alike.

*This field of bioelectricity surrounding all living things can be programmed using the power of one’s mind.

*A clean and healthy aura will strengthen your immune system and prevent harmful energies from invading your body.

*A powerful aura gives happiness, health, charisma and energy.

*Tai Chi and Yoga can help you to strengthen and build the aura.

This month the Crystal Path is presenting the Stone and Sage Aura Set. This set was created to help you clean and strengthen your aura. Inside the box you will get:

A Selenite Stick, selenite is a great crystal to use for removing negative energies that may have attached to you. Use the stick like a lint brush to remove negativity or use like an eraser to heal auric holes.

An Aura Spray, the spray has water infused with Palo Santo wood and essential oils to strengthen the aura.

A Mojo Bag, carry with you to help protect your aura.

Spend some time focusing your attention on your aura, it is a part of your divine self. If the aura is clear and strong, it can literally guide you to live the best life you know you deserve and desire. Remember, the stronger your aura is the more protected and powerful you are.

Peace and Joy


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