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This month’s Stone and Sage set is inspired by spring!

I love this time of year. We move from our dark, cool hibernation into the light, freshness of spring. Nature starts to come alive. I love watching the buds on the trees burst out and turn into leave, flowers start to bloom with magical colors. It can be a time for start something new within yourself as well. There is hope in the air. We are breaking free from isolation. Let’s use the blooming energy of spring to allow ourselves to bloom into our beautiful selves.

The bloom box contain tools to help you connect with the Earth and enhance the natural blooming of yourself.

Tree Agate – This stone helps you connect with the Earth energies.

Flower Sage Stick – A blend of White sage, eucalyptus, lavender and purple sinuate.

Lavender Pot – Start with the seed and crystal and watch them bloom

Grid Cloth – The scared geometry shape of Flower of life gird amplifies the energies of your crystals. .

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