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Smudging With Sage

White Sage

Sage burning or smudging is an ancient ritual probably dating to prerecorded history. It is found in all traditional cultures. Today, smudging is used to:

· Purify

Most types of sage have antimicrobial properties, this means that it keeps infectious bacteria, viruses and fungi at bay.

Burning sage is thought to release negative ions, these reduce the effects of positive ions which are dust, mold, pollution and pet dander.

· Spiritual Tool

Smudging has been used to connect to the spiritual realm and increase intuition.

Smudging is used to dispel negative energy from yourself or your space. This includes past traumas, bad experiences and negativity from others.

· Improve overall well-being

By burning sage, it can literally lift your spirits removing negativity.

White sage is rich in agents that activate certain receptors in the brain that are responsible for elevating mood, reducing stress and even helping control pain. Smudging can help with getting better sleep. It boosts cognition and elevates energy levels.

When we added sage to our crystals it was a perfect fit to our product line on The Crystal Path. We have a wonder variety of sage on our web site, ( each one offers different benefits to help enhance life. Until we added sage I had never used or experienced the benefits, honestly, I could not believe the results. I felt lighter, my room seems cleaner and smells heavenly and when I smudge before meditation and prayer, I feel more connected to myself and the universe. I strongly encourage you to experience the benefits of sage and smudging.

Happy Saging


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