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Self-Care September

When we think about self-care not many of us think about meditation. Meditation is one of the best things you can do for self-care. You can meditate anywhere, and you do not need anything but your breath and some focus to meditate. The beneficial effects of meditation can be better physical healthy, peace of mind or a stronger spiritual connection. What better way to care for yourself than to pause and meditate?

Although you need nothing to meditate there are plenty of tools to help enhance your meditation practice. There are many apps that help get you started and offer guided meditations. Holding a crystal in your hand or having it by you can help draw positive energies and focus to your practice. Burning sage and cleansing your space before a meditation can help improve your focus during meditation.

You only need about five minutes a day to benefit from a meditation practice and a little self-care. So, ask yourself, Can I not find five minutes in my day to pause and breathe?

Check out this month's featured product

Self-Care Stone and Sage Set

The Self-Care Set is packed with items to care for
your body, arua and enviroment.
This set contains;
  • Fancy little Soap - made with essenial oils and a reiki infussed crystal

  • Selinite Wand - use like a lint brush to clean and care for oyur aura

  • White Sage - burn to clear negitivity from yourself and your surrounding

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