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Prayer + Meditation + Me = Energy

Improves your power to protect yourself Strong healing enegries Inproves intuition Balances the Crown Chakra
Amethyst Cluster

The World we knew just changed! Who would have thought that a super contagious virus could do this to us?

One of the best ways to build your immune system and fight the virus is prayer and meditation. Both are beneficial to the immune system because prayer brings belief and trust, and meditation is known to help decrease stress, promotes brain/immune system communication and (interestingly) meditation activates the second brain (the gut).

Thanks to Hippie Yoga’s 40-day meditation challenge, I had a meditation routine started already (31days so far) when the outbreak started, I was compelled to add an amethyst cluster to my sessions. (Amethyst is known to help strengthen the immune system) I also added sending out Distance Reiki (reiki is universal life energy that is spiritually guided) during the time I meditate, (usually around 10:00 a.m.) you are able to receive reiki energy by simply accepting it at any time.

Please pray and meditat every day, that way the energy created can be intensified for all to use. Please pray for those inflected with the Coronavirus and those fighting to stay well. If you or someone you know needs prayer, please post their names.

Remember to drink a cup of hot water, gargle with warm salt water, pray, meditate and ground. Let us know what you do to stay healthy, that way everyone can learn more about building the immune system and fighting this virus. Like, share and respond to this blog! or

~Stay Powerful ~


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