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Meditation Practice

Just breath. Focus. Ground. Center. Pray.

I tell everyone to start a meditation practice, it literally changed my life. Starting something that is new and setting aside time in your daily routine to practice is one of the challenges of meditating. The other is keeping your mind quiet without judgement for several minutes at a time. That is it.

I started and stopped a lot at first. Eventually getting to 11 minutes per session and I do it almost every day now. The benefits I have gotten from the minutes I spend on myself are so many, small things like lights changing green when I get up to them, perfect parking spots. Bigger things like acting instead of reacting. I get angry less often when circumstances happen.

I believe meditation brought crystals to me with some knowledge about how to use them for their energy and healing properties. Shortly after April and I started The Crystal Path. Then, maybe by combining the crystals with my meditation practice helped me find Reiki, and that I am a healer using both crystals and Reiki Energy.

I hope to encourage you to start a meditation practice of your own. There is no perfect way to meditate. But you are when you get to your center.

Peace Love Joy


The Crystal Path

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