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Love In Abundance

We need it on so many levels. More love would change our world. Especially because creating more love energy increases the element of light, fighting dark. Love is the medicine to heal the world. Love is a feeling of strong attraction. An emotional attachment.

Draw more love to you by wearing a beautiful rose quartz bracelet set with an intention of love from The Crystal Path. The bracelet is comfortable to wear plus all the benefits rose quartz is know for, increases compassion, opens the heart, forgiveness. Then reflect on what brings you love and happiness, reach a place of inner peace, and stay there. Abundant in love!

To add the energy of love to one of your crystals using the following steps and join us in a week of creating light and love. The mantra: I beam the light of love.

New crystals should be cleaned first. Put some salt in your hand with the crystal and over a waste basket rub saying/thinking “I cleanse this crystal for my use, our energies connect, I thank it for coming to help love grow abundantly.

Next set your intention by taking a few deep breaths, try to increase your awareness and be present in your body and mind. Hold the crystal in your hands, be open to its vibrations and say your intention out loud, three times.

Revisit the energy of love you created by wearing the rose quartz bracelet or carrying the crystal with you, being conscious of the energy you are bring in.

Be loving and love will come to you

The Crystal Path

Teanne and April

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