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Good Luck Is An Ever-Present Source of Power In My Life

Tiger's Eye crystals healing properties come from elements of the Sun and the Earth. This is what gives it both grounding and inspiring vibrations, a stone of practicality and balance. It has a natural energy field that repels negativity. This stone’s positive and stabilizing energy can help you:

with the confidence and courage to go after your dreams

feel centered and grounded

see situations in a more positive light

ease feelings of worry and fear

boost will power and energy levels

balance emotional extremes

increase courage, protection, luck and prosperity

I have always been attracted to tiger’s eye crystals; their soothing energies call me. Now that I understand more about crystals, I see why I have always been drawn to them. Recently we added raw (meaning not tumbled) tiger’s eye crystals to our shop on Facebook. The supply is limited for this collection, just so you know. In honor of it being a favorite of mine these extraordinary pieces are $5.00 each, including a card listing the properties.

Experience the gifts of Tiger’s Eye crystals for yourself, I will be working with mine and letting you know would what differences they made for me, I would like to hear from you about the changes Tiger’s Eye created for you. Even right now, my room where I have the crystals seems charged with energy and my husband and I have been getting along better.



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