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Find Your Electrifying and Eccentric Self

The mineral feldspar provides you with Feminine, Moon and Goddess energy.

This is a gemstone of creativity it stimulates creative thinking to find unconventional and exciting ways to achieve goals.

Supports in issues relating to self-







We designed the Goddess Kit around this amazing crystal’s properties and because everyone can use the boosts this set provides.

The Goddess spray is made with water infused with Palo Santo, Reiki and a crystal, a unique blend of essential oils clears your “space” and awakens the inner goddess.

Carry the mojo bag and crystal with you to enhance the goddess experience.

If you are looking to enhance who you are and all your personal charm, try the Goddess Kit!

This kit and several others are on our website, If you like this blog and purchase a Goddess Kit, we will pay for shipping and include a free gift! (*Offer good until I post the next blog) If you would like the Pink Feldspar crystal and card email me at This is also where you may contact me with likes, questions, ideas.....



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