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Enhance Your Own Energy

Wearing and placing crystals around yourself and your surroundings creates harmony by changing the energy around you. Each crystal is filled with their own healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul. Having and experiencing the flow of good energy around you helps rid the body and mind of negative energy.

The Carry On Set was created for you to take positive energy with you everywhere you go. This box set has a crystal necklace, a crystal bracelet, and a cage so you can wear positive energy throughout your day. Small crystals to placed in your purse or pocket keeps you grounded on the go. There is also a sage pouch, sage is known to help enhance your own energy and it can be used for protection.

The Crystal Path is online ready to assist you with your crystals, sages, and hand-made sprays. We have a great selection of Stone and Sage gift box sets,

Carry On


Citrine Cluster

Peace Love and Crystals



We also have the Just Rocks subscription, it is a service we offer to help build your crystal collection with high energy-strong attributes unique crystals,



Smokey Quartz



We are looking forward to meeting you on The Crystal Path, Take time to visit our shop see all the different utensils you can use to enhance your energy, and protection.

Peace & Love

The Crystal Path


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