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Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

Have you ever felt like you have decision making fatigue? We are faced with so many choices it is easy to become overwhelmed. Some decision we make have little impact on the big picture of our lives and others can have a lasting effect. This month’s Stone and Sage Set is design with tools to help aid the decision-making process.

One of the biggest and most important decisions we make is who we are voting into public office. In today’s current environment we are overloaded with political information. There are SO many television ads, radio ads and mailers telling us about the candidates. What choices we make in the election can have last effects on our families and community.

One of the items in the Choices Set is a voting mojo bag. This mojo bag is created to help you trust your intuition and heart. The mojo bag contains shredder newspaper for information decision making, herbs to ignite your intuitive powers and a crystal open heart your mind to your heart’s desires.

To use the mojo bag carry is around with you, in your purse, bag or pocket. Everyday ask the mojo bag to help you trust your intuition and let your heart take the lead role in decision making. When you trust your heart, good things will start happening.

Remember to VOTE!

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