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Connections (with; yourself, others, the Earth, God, Angles, etc.)


Mental Clarity


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By surrounding yourself with crystals these attributes and more can be yours. Life is a happy place to be. Shine more brightly than you thought possible just by incorporating crystals. Try our subscription club for 6 months and experience for yourself what an unexpected difference the crystals make.

When you receive crystals from The Crystal Path, they come cleaned and charged, all that is needed is setting your intention to the crystals. This is one way to set an intention;

1. Put the crystal and the salt they come with in your hand and welcome and allow the crystal’s energy into your life, rub the crystal with the salt and throw the salt away

2. By corresponding your intention with the crystal’s properties, you are using the crystal’s vibration to positively affect your own frequency this in turn programs us to a higher vibration

3. Describe your intention aloud and repeat these words until you “feel” this energy has connected with your crystal.

4. Keep your crystal in your pocket, on your desk, under your pillow, or next to your bed to serve as a reminder of the positive intentions you have set.

5. Revisit and reset your intentions to continue your positive journey

6. Stay conscious of the energy you are bringing in. Be positive, and positivity will come to you.

Just Rocks Subscription

In honor of positivity for 2020, Crystal Path will include a gift with any subscription plan for the month of January. Visit to join, go to our listing - Crystal Path, use coupon code "I read the blog". Enjoy a higher vibration. I hope you found this blog helpful and useful, please like it and share it. If you have questions or comments you are welcome to share them.

Peace Love Joy


Just Rocks Subscription

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