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Abundance, It's Not Just More

Abundance is an attitude.

*Feel plentiful, creative, and inspired

*Live a satisfying and unlimited life

*Convey happiness, always

*Take full advantage and enjoy new opportunities that come your way

*Create memorable and meaningful life experiences

Understand the Power of Your Thoughts.

Your thoughts are what create a mindset.

Do you create abundance or lack?

When you take time to notice what type of thoughts are circulating in your mind, you can then begin to make a conscious effort to shift your thoughts toward abundance.

The Deluxe Abundance Set has tools for you to:

Highlight prosperity with an almost 2-inch aventurine pyramid

Create more love by wearing a rose quartz bracelet

Draw more money by waking up the money mojo bag

Use the white sage and sweet grass stick to welcome in good spirits.

Start this year with an attitude of abundance enriched by this box set!

Love, Money, and Spirit

Happy New Year

Teanne and April

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