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...not your mama’s rock garden

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Deluxe Protection Set
 Smudging yourself and your living space will benefit you in a multitude of ways (remember to slightly open a window this allows negative energies to leave). Place crystals in areas of your home to clear away unwanted energy.
The Black Onyx crystal and bracelet helps to shield you from the negativity of others and helps protect your own energy. Place the Selenite stick above a frequently used door frame, it will help clean the energy coming into your home.
Use the
Sage Spray just like a sage stick and spray any desired area. It's perfect to use where you do not want smoke. Awaken the mojo bag with intentions of keeping and increasing your energy and vibration.

Crystals Guidance



At Crystal Path, our goal is to give you so much more than just crystals. We want to encourage you learn how to utilize them to enhance your daily life. We are firm believers in the power crystals hold. They can raise energetic vibrations with their many different properties. It is our greatest desire to pass along knowledge and guidance that will provide you with the opportunity to take full advantage of each crystal's highest potential.

-Teanne & Olivia

(Your favorite mom and daughter duo)

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